pet supplies plus
A visual identity for Pet Supplies Plus that connects them to the increasing needs of new and current pet owners.
Why a rebrand?
Pet Supplies Plus needs a rebrand to compete with online pet brands and connect with their influx of new customers adopting pets to fill their social void.
A logo that connects
Pet Supplies Plus new logo is friendly and approachable. It also emphasizes offering more than just pet supplies but also pet care services and customer service from knowledgeable staff.
An energetic environment
Pet Supplies Plus can enhance their in store experience to draw customers in where they may normally purchase products from their online competition instead.

An energetic experience
Employees and store flyers would go a long way towards making the in store experience inviting and playful rather than industrial and corporate.
Take home the fun
Customers can take home the products they trust in packaging they can and will want to reuse.
Connecting the fur baby community
Pet owners can connect with others in the community to fill the social void from the pandemic. This will help them engage with Pet Supplies Plus.​​​​​​​
An identity to last
Pet Supplies Plus offers pet products and services that are sure to help any pet owner keep their best friend healthy and happy. A new brand will help them stand apart from online competition for years to come.

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