Ferris Design Event 2022
Branding, Experience Design

A new event format for the design senior student portfolio review and conference for Ferris State University.
My Role in the Group
I worked with two of my peers. I was in charge of the design of digital interfaces and graphics, print design and production, environmental graphics design and production, as well as administration, and organization.
Design Never Stops
The concept behind this event was to emphasize how the field of design and the methods within it are adaptable and always changing, and this fact has never been more clear than it is now. The mark represented the fluidity of the two days coming together for one event.
The first part of the mark was for the April 20th in person event.
The second part of the mark represented the April 22nd virtual event.
The Line
The line was a graphic we created to emphasize the constant movement of the design field. In every place it was used we made sure not to break the line or stop it short. It stretched type and connected slides of social media posts.
Flexible Typography
Even our type demonstrated constant motion. We used a variable typeface called Flexible. The style changed and morphed in digital platforms.
The Digital Presence​​​​​​​
Social media helped the audience get excited and aware of the new format for the event. I designed the feed and each carousel post to show the line connecting. I also created copy and graphics to highlight each senior project to give pros a glimpse of what they would see at the event. (Follow Ferris Design @ferrisdsgn)
I designed hero graphics to plug into the hero space on Ferris Design's main site to draw in users. This plug changed over time to gather emails to inform users before the event and guide them to the microsite during and after.
I designed a horizontal scroll microsite to emphasize the moving forward of digital design. This gave attendees opportunity to check out our panelists and student work before hand. It was part of the Ferris Design Program site and used it's header and footer to be clear it was part of the organization. (See it live here)
April 20th: The Kickoff Event
The first of the 2022 event took place on April 20th and included a professional panel discussion followed by a networking hour with student work on display. This launch party atmosphere allowed students and pros to loosen up and make connections while celebrating design.
Nametags helped identify students, professors and professionals by color and organization. I created custom designs for each attendee.
I created the environmental and print graphics for the event including shirts for senior and junior students, display board names, business cards, stickers and window clings.
April 22nd: The Virtual Portfolio Review
The second day was more formal and allowed pros to review senior work and even interview on the spot. For this event we created Zoom backgrounds with each students custom name.

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