Wise Against Violence
Branding, UX/UI

A new visual identity for a non-profit fighting domestic violence in western Michigan.
Logo Before

Native American Symbol

Using Symbolism
The old logo used a script font and the brand's old acronym which both no longer represent where WISE is heading. In our research we found this native american symbol, which represents defending against aggressors. We would later use this as inspiration for the refreshed mark.

WISE Against Violence Logo

"W" Submark

A Logo to Stand the Tests of Time
The new brand needs to last and remain strong over time. The bold san serif typeface is Gotham, and the slash will be a part of the brand language representing strength in numbers when fighting domestic violence, and each individual's unique story. The brand guide and downloads can be found online at http://freshmindsthinkdesign.com/wise/.

The 24/7 WISE Against Violence Hotline

The WISE People
We provided a free library of stylized imagery for administrators and future design teams to represent their inclusive clientele. Our stakeholders understood that domestic violence harms more than just women, but also everyone in the community.
Booth Setup
I prototyped a booth setup for WISE to be a part of events including those on campus at Ferris State University. This would help them serve those who need their help most and reach donors in the community.

Bathroom Pull Tab Flyer

Help Where it's Needed Most
The bathroom flyers were an idea I came up with early on in my research and developed after a brand concept was selected. The flyer would put the hotline at the fingertips of victims who may be at their most vulnerable or feeling unsafe.
Digital Presence​​​​​​​
I created Canva social media templates and video tutorials our clients could use long after our services were complete. This will allow their feed to have a more unified and bold presence going forward.

Power and Control Diagram

Part of their digital presence included infographics for presentations which I updated. This included updating imagery, content, and overall layout.

5K Event Shirt

Wristband Giveaways

Wearables are a fun way for donors and supporters to represent WISE in their community and at events.

Ferris University Digital Signage

On campus signage will boost awareness to domestic violence and WISE services in campus buildings.
Poster Series
Poster Series
Poster Series
Poster Series
Poster Series
Poster Series
Stronger Together
WISE will post a series of awareness signs in local store fronts. Their posters will connect from store to store to represent the strength of the community standing together in the fight against domestic and sexual violence.

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