Rabbiteye Bourbon
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A luxurious brand identity for an unique blueberry bourbon label.
A scrumptious logo
Rabbiteye is a nod to the nickname given to blueberries as they begin to ripen. An equally delicate and whimsical mark helps the brand stand out against the traditional husky bourbons on the market.
Topsy Turvy Label
Rabbiteye thrives on it's unique blueberry infusion and rabbit references. The whimsy of the cock eyed label and foil reflective logo and stamp gives character to their elevated brand.
Each label is personally date stamped and signed by an inspector under utmost scrutiny to ensure each bottle is packaged to perfection.
Blue Hues and Branding
The warm fruit notes and mauve bourbon color is shielded from light in the brand's signature dark blue bottles. Each cap is carved from old casks and branded with the signature Rabbiteye mark.
Image is Everything
Rabbiteye is a favorite of the upper middle class, so their ads will appear only in elevated experiences where their consumers are likely to frequent.
Blueberry Everywhere
Cases cut from the wood of blueberry bushels are stained to a rich purple using leftover juices from exquisite local blueberries. Unconventional and risky you might say, but that's exactly what Rabbiteye thrives on. 
Distillery Tours
Tours of the distillery can be taken among the local blueberry fields. Their location and neon lighting exudes the industrial and whimsical process of their infusion process.
Down the Rabbithole
Beneath the surface of the Rabbiteye distillery will lie an exclusive bar, The Rabbithole. The blue lit bar will sell one of a kind cocktails made with the signature bourbon.
Social Drinkers
Social media is a variety of Rabbiteye bartender highlights and cocktail inspirations which add to the bourbon experience for the enthusiast.​​​​​​​

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